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Meet Our Team


Amy Hanson
– Wellness Program Manager



Education:     University of Florida: Bachelor of Science
Certifications:    Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches, Inc.


Amy manages the data logs for all of our participants that go through the health screening process. She is not only a manager, she also works in the field as a health screener and health and wellness coach. She helps clients develop personal wellness plans by accepting and meeting them where they are today, then helping to draw a wellness blueprint and setting realistic and achievable goals. Amy has been with Health + Sport Works 16 years and continues to make a difference in the health of all of our clients.




Nicole Offschanka
– Wellness Program Manager



Education:     West Chester University: Bachelor of Science Specializing in Exercise Science.
Certifications:    Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches, Inc.


Nicole coordinates our staff of health screeners and wellness coaches and plans our work wellness screening events. She also spends a large portion of her time in the field conducting health screenings and coaching. Nicole is a life-long student of health and wellness coaching psychology. She works to help you define a higher purpose for wellness and uncover your natural desire to be healthy. Nicole has been in the Health and Wellness field for 30 years and 22 of them have been with Integrity Wellness.




Gerald Galloway
– Wellness Coordinator-Government



Education:     Campbell College: Bachelors in Police Science
                         FBI National Academy 156th Session
Associations:    Past President, North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police


Gerald works in conjunction with our professional team to coordinate and implement wellness programs that focus on improving participants health and controlling claims costs. Gerald has been coordinating this initiative for 12 years.

Gerald worked in local law enforcement with the Southern Pines, NC Police Department for 30 years serving as Chief of Police for 17 of those years. Since completing that career, he has continued to work with local governments to promote a healthy workforce and improve employee efficiency. He can be reached at galloway.gerald@gmail.com or 910-639-0857.