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Health & Wellness Coaching

Our staff is comprised of experienced Health Coaches certified through WellCoaches. The coaching philosophy is to educate the participants on critical measures that need immediate attention, areas for improvement, strategies to accomplish either, and on repeat visits, a comparison to previous results. The outcome of coaching is to transfer the responsibility of good health practices to the participant rather than to other entities such as you or your health insurance plan, in concert with his/her physician. This creates sustainable change rather than health dependency.

Working with data from the health assessment, we undertake a risk stratification process for your employee population. Once the target-coaching group is identified, we reach out to the at-risk participant through a communication processes that we mutually establish to arrange on-site or remote coaching schedules for each participant and for each location.

High-risk coaching has, at its core, the goal to positively affect change in health behavior. To that end, participants must thoroughly understand their risks, contributing factors, and mitigating factors. Our coaches assure this detailed explanation is provided to all coaching participants.

The participant must determine, with the support and guidance of the health coach, practical, measurable and attainable goals and an action plan to support the desired outcome. This provides an objective basis for progress monitoring. It also provides a valuable first step in transferring responsibility for health to the participant. When a participant assumes responsibility for their health behaviors and choices, sustainable change can occur.